Handicap Professional - U.R.M. Powered Software by Sironix

Product Features

  • Calculate your conventional handicap and handicap index for today, or for any historical date. All of the rounds used in the calculation will be highlighted for you.
  • Graph your handicap over time to illustrate your progress and reveal seasonal handicap trends.
  • Calculate hypothetical handicaps by only including rounds on specific courses.
  • Calculate your course handicap. This is based on your handicap index and the slope rating of a course you are planning to play.
  • Summarize your scoring results by course. You can view individual course records and sort by average score as well as any of the other scoring statistics.
  • Summarize your scoring results and statistics by season and by month within season. You can graph your progress in any of the statistical categories.
  • View distribution graphs for all of your scores in bar chart or pie chart format.
  • Produce statistical correlation graphs for any of your scoring statistics. Trend lines are plotted to illustrate the data correlation that is revealed. For example, if you plot your average score against greens in regulation, the trend line will indicate how improving your GIR % will likely affect your average score.
  • Identify your best and worst rounds based on any statistical category.
  • Use filters when viewing any of your statistical data. You can filter out rounds by course, score, greens in regulation, putts, season, calendar month or any other statistic.
  • View distribution graphs for all of your statistical categories. For example, see in what percentage of games you hit 5 greens, 6 greens, 7 greens etc.
  • Track data for multiple players in the same database.
  • View handicap and statistical data summarized for all players on a single screen to track league statistics.
  • A full context-sensitive online help facility is available from any screen.
  • Reports can be produced from any screen.
  • Password protection can be established for your data. You can change or remove this protection at any time.

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Important Disclaimer:

This program correctly calculates but does not issue an official handicap index.

Please visit the USGA website for information about obtaining an official handicap.

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