Portfolio Professional - U.R.M. Powered Software by Sironix

Product Features
  • Combine your portfolios when measuring performance or analyze them individually.
  • Compare the performance of your individual investments on the same display.
  • View performance results for multiple time periods on the same display. For example, you can compare the 3 month, 6 month, 1 year, 3 year and lifetime return rates for all of your investments on the same display.
  • View your performance in 3 different ways. Annualized rate of return (with compounding frequency options), total net dollar gains, or simple return on investment (ROI).
  • Organize your investments in categories and compare performance by category.
  • Calendar year performance can be calculated for all years simultaneously. Performance results for each year can be compared on the same display.
  • Compare gains and performance for every statement period on the same display.
  • Compare your investments in terms of volatility as well as performance. Higher volatility usually means more investment risk.
  • View your results in tabular format or using the 2D and 3D graphical presentation styles.
  • Include fixed income investments and options. The returns from these investments will be fully integrated with the rest of your performance results.
  • Include investments in different currencies. Gains or losses due to changes in currency rates will be fully integrated with the rest of your performance results.
  • Use filters to temporarily exclude portfolios or securities from the performance calculations.
  • Asset allocation by category can be charted and compared historically.
  • Establish a target asset allocation mix for any portfolio and track the deviation from this target over time. A pick-list of transactions necessary to restore the target mix can be displayed at any time.
  • Forecasting tools are provided for estimating future gains and assessing asset allocation adjustments.
  • A projected value calculator is provided to define and execute future growth scenarios for any portfolio. Actual portfolio performance is tracked and graphed against the planned growth.
  • Price history can be charted for any security and graphed against moving average price plots for any time period.
  • Effective cost can be calculated for any investment.
  • Pop-up windows are available to illustrate the calculation details behind any performance figure that is displayed.
  • A full context-sensitive online help facility is available from any screen. This facility includes a setup guide and an example guide for most of the features.
  • Reports can be produced for any of the performance or analytic functions.
  • Password protection can be established for your data. You can change or remove this protection at any time.
  • A Quicken® data import facility is provided to automatically load your complete transaction history if you are a Quicken® user.
  • A text file import function is provided for daily fund/security prices.

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